Stiking a Balance

My son asked me today whether we could go golfing. Now, I’m not a good golfer at all, but that’s not what delayed my answer. All I began thinking was: “I’ve got a ton of stuff to do today. I’ve got to go to work and see clients. I’ve got to get the house cleaned up before your mother comes home from a business trip.” So that’s pretty much what I said to him. He quietly walked away. After a while, I went to find him and told him: “I would love to go golfing with you. I can’t today. How about tomorrow?” He went from feeling dejected to looking forward to our time together.

I was reminded again that when I focus solely on the business of life, I miss out on the times that make memories. And it also affects those I love. All Max wanted from me was time, and I made him feel guilty for wanting to spend time with me.

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