I work with a variety of issues and people, including children, teens, families, and couples. For more information click on the links below:

Couples Counseling

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Family Counseling

In-Home Consulting

Children & Teens

Individual Counseling

I have expertise in a number of counseling approaches, and will adapt my approach to each situation and person. My main approaches are Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Oriented, Structural and Strategic, and Gottman Marriage Therapy.


The main idea with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is that your thoughts drive your emotions. Anxiety, for instance, is often based on how we are interpreting our situation, not based on the situation itself. CBT’s goal is to learn techniques that help clients control their thoughts, which will then control their emotions. I have developed a series of activities that is especially helpful in dealing with anxiety.

Solution-Oriented Therapy

Solution-Oriented Therapy helps you work toward your goals in a very effective way. Solution-Oriented counseling looks for solutions and doesn’t tend to dwell on dissecting the problem. Together, we’ll find unique, possibly overlooked strategies to help you with your issues. Teens and children especially like Solution-Oriented counseling since it is a positive approach and leads to change quickly.

Structural-Strategic Family Therapy for Parenting

Calm Leadership Creates Calm Families

This approach is especially useful for parents and families who are having behavior problems with their child or teen. It is a very active approach that focuses on helping parents reclaim strength in the family. With this approach, family members learn how not to get their “buttons” pushed, how to effectively deal with misbehavior, and find ways to bring love and fun back to the family. Families are often given specific tasks during the week to readjust the family to a more healthy structure.

Gottman Marriage Therapy

Couples get themselves in a rut in a number of ways, whether it is because of communication difficulty, unmet needs in the relationship, or life stresses. Together, we will determine what is getting in the way of a great relationship and develop specific techniques to break through those difficulties, which will lead to a happier marriage. My approach to couples therapy is very active. You will receive tasks to try during the week, which will help replace old habits and allow for a healthy marriage.