In-Home Consulting

I’m often told when working with parents: “I wish you could actually see what’s going on at home, and give use some advice on what to do right at that moment. What I need is a Super Nanny to come in and help us out.”

There’s a lot of truth to the fact that actually seeing things happen in real time makes a big difference in making changes.  In response to this, I am offering an in-home consultation package for families who would like to have me come and see “what’s really going on.”  Call me Super Manny, The Family Guru, or the Parent Pro, but don’t call me Super Nanny!

In-Home Consultation Package

Two Home Visits

I will come to your home during the time that is tough for your family. Call it the “witching hour,” the “unhappy hour,” or your phrase of choice.  I will come during that difficult time for a minimum of three hours.  During the first visit, I will only observe, getting to know the interactions and difficulties and begin to develop a plan for improvement.  At the end of the session, we will meet and discuss what I observed and give specific tasks to try during the next week.

During the second home visit, I will continue to observe how things are going, and note any changes. I will also be much more active in this visit, giving specific ideas and coaching the family on how to deal with things differently.

Two In-Office Visits

We will also schedule two follow up visits in my office to continue to solidify the gains made during the home visits.

Two Hours Phone Consultation

I will be available for up to two hours of phone consultation, scheduled in half hour increments.  It’s often very helpful to have someone to talk to on an as needed basis.  I will return your call as soon as my schedule allows so that you can get some ideas as quickly as possible.